PlayMG Mobile Android Entertainment System


the first wi-fi enabled android entertainment device designed just for young people.

Ships within 2 Business Days.

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$50 Dollar Added Value

MG. The first of its kind.

  • Sleek cool pocketable system
  • Limitless affordable App play, including 11 awesome pre-loaded games.
  • SpendSmart™ prepaid Mastercard®
  • Fun engaging origins story avatar system
  • Remote Trust Parental Monitoring Tool

Tech Specs

  • Touchscreen
    Full-size 4-inch high-density Gorilla Glass touch screen with more than a quarter million ultra-sharp pixels
  • Memory
    8GB & 16GB Micro SD memory cards are included. Add more when you need it.
  • Battery
    1880mAh for Long-life battery (3.75 hours Play time, 4+ days stand-by).
  • Camera
    1.3MP front-facing camera for Face Unlock Security
  • Connector
    Micro USB 2.0 connector (can be used for data transfer)
  • Charger
    Micro USB charger included
  • Audio
    Headset jack for ultra-immersive full-stereo gaming audio

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